Experience the great outdoors in Las Vegas and hike one of the many National Parks just an hour from the Las Vegas Strip. Tour one of the most beautiful destinations the Vally of Fire.

Family Hikes: $119 

Easy Hikes: $119

Moderate Hikes: $129

Hard Hikes: $139

Strenuous Hikes: $169

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  1. Complimentary Pick Up from your Las Vegas Strip hotel (7:00 am, daily)
  2. Live guided tour about the history of the surrounding areas
  3. Professional guide
  4. Valley of Fire hike of choice
  5. Drop off at your Las Vegas Strip hotel

Duration: 4 to 8 hours (depending on hike selected)

Family Hikes

Grab the family to experience the great outdoors while learning about history and having fun! This is the perfect Family Friendly Adventure that will be sure to heighten your imagination! This tour includes two 0.5 mile hikes that highlight the Valley of Fires main attraction.

Family (1.0 miles)

The first trail will take you back into time and learn about the people that inhabited this land dating back more than 2,000 years ago. See ancient writings and drawings that tell a story left behind for us to discover.

The second trail will take you to one of the most unique rock formations in the park. It is no secret why this hike is called the elephant rock hike. Walk around a massive rock shaped over millions of years into a formation that now looks like a living breathing elephant. Don’t forget to take a walk up the observation staircase to the top for unbelievable photos.  

Duration: 4 hours (pick up to drop off)

Easy Hikes

Perfect for both beginner and experienced hikers alike. Take in the full beauty of this hikers paradise with breathless landscapes around every corner. Immerse yourself in the massive sandstone structures that surround you and get lost in the different colors that range over a broad spectrum.

Choose between one of the three most popular hikes available in the Valley of Fire!

Rainbow Vista (1.0 miles) 

This out and back trail is perfect to experience the beauty of the Valley of Fire without the burden of strenuous hiking conditions. View the rainbow color sandstone as you hike out to the Canyon Fire overlook for the perfect photo opportunity and vantage point of the Valley.

White Domes (1.0 miles)

This is one of the most popular hikes available because of the different landscapes, shapes, and colors experienced throughout the hike. Walk up and down natural steps formed within the sandstone with vibrant white and fire color sandstone. Explore an old abandoned film set used in the 1960s. Follow the trail to the crown jewel of the hike into the slot canyon where you are engulfed in walls of sandstone.

Fire Wave (1.5 miles) 

Try out our newest trail made popular by its unique striped red and orange color wave patterns. Reach the rock islands at the halfway point for incredible 360-degree views of this rare natural landscape. With its unique rock formations, this trail has become one of the must do tours within the Valley of Fire.

Duration: 4 hours (pick up to drop off)

Moderate Hikes

Take your hike up a notch with a little bit more of a challenge with a longer hiking distance and rock scramble areas. Hikers of all experience levels from beginner to experienced can take part in our moderate hikes. These hikes offer more seclusion and desert beauty due to the longer hiking distance. Experience the wilderness and its pure solitude to a natural spring its own oasis in the desert.   

Choose between one of the two moderate hikes to experience.

Arches (2.5 miles)

Wander into a web of canyons and rock formations that will leave your senses heightened. Around every corner, there are natural forming arches that make up a majority of the trail. The largest and most famous arch in which this trail was named after collapsed due to extreme weathering but the ruins still remain. At the halfway point reach an enormous balancing rock perfect for a photo opportunity.

Charlies Spring (4.7 miles)

Follow and climb dry rock waterfalls through the desert wash out to a slot canyon and follow the narrow trail out to a natural spring. This secluded desert oasis is a picture perfect site to catch a glimpse of the wildlife. Even visit a historical landmark where John Clark and his horse ironically died due to dehydration.

Duration: 5 hours (pick up to drop off)  

Hard Hikes

For the more experienced hikers lace up your boots and fill your packs for a half day hike that you will never forget.

Choose between one of the two amazing hikes that will be sure to feed your inner adventurer.

Prospect (5.5 miles, one way)

This is the most diverse geological trail offered in the Valley of Fire. Follow a natural forming wash through the mountainside. As you walk further down the trail you are engulfed in red rock formations. The most unique feature along the trail is the holey rocks that cover the landscape. View the seasonal wildflowers that cover the valley floor as you climb many of the rock scrambles along the trail.

Arrowhead (7.7 miles, one way) 

The longest hike we offer is perfect for the most experienced hikers looking to log some miles. This challenging hike offers all the beauty of the Valley of Fire along with seclusion allowing you to get lost, figuratively speaking, in the picturesque environment that surrounds you. Many wildlife animals are spotted on this trail including the native Bighorn Sheep and Jack Rabbit.

Duration: 6 hours (pick up to drop off)

Strenuous Hikes

Choose between the Prospect Trail or Old Arrowhead Road trail and experience the round trip hike. The Prospect Trail is 11 miles round trip and Old Arrowhead Road is 14 miles round trip.  

Duration: 7 hours (pick up to drop off)


  • All packages are priced per person.
  • The minimum age limit is 6 years old.
  • All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Physical Activity Requited – if you have any health or medical conditions please consult with your doctor.
  • We recommend packing a backpack with water and snacks.
  • Closed-toe shoes are required for all hikes. Must be an athletic shoe or hiking boot.
  • Not wheelchair accessible – must be able to walk under own power.
  • Due to safety concerns, pregnant women are not allowed to participate in this adventure.
  • Photo Identification and the Credit Card used to make the reservation is required for verification purposes.
  • Please be sure to eat prior to your scheduled pick up time. There are no food or drinks allowed on the tour shuttle.
  • If you are are staying in a hotel off the main strip there is a $100 transportation fee if you would like to be picked up from your hotel. We do not provide pick up from Air B&B locations. Complementary pick up is available from our corporate office.
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